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EarthClean Corporation Announces Blue Sky / Green Earth Initiatives for its Award-Winning, Plant-Based Technologies

Biodegradable formulations designed to protect crops and reduce use of synthetic farm chemicals.

St. Paul, Minn. (November 30, 2016) – EarthClean Corporation of St. Paul, Minnesota, today introduced a series of product concepts under its new Blue Sky / Green Earth initiative. These products, like EarthClean’s TetraKO™ product line, are patented, sustainable, non-toxic and biodegradable. Blue Sky / Green Earth product concepts are engineered to protect crops from freezing, issues associated with transit and storage, and reduce the amount of fertilizers and synthetic chemicals required to treat agricultural crops.

“The Blue Sky / Green Earth initiatives are novel uses for our starch-based water enhancing technologies, enabling them to add value to various agricultural practices by protecting and preserving sensitive crops, and through altering the properties of the water greatly reduce the amount of chemical fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides and fungicides required, particularly on plants with a hydrophobic surface such as roses,” said James R. Grabek, EarthClean Corporation President. “As stand alones, each of these concepts shows great promise. Taken together, we believe they put us on the path of developing and commercializing a new family of game-changing products.”

EarthClean is working together with Minnesota’s Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI) to test its Blue Sky / Green Earth products. The organizations are jointly applying for the Minnesota Department of Agriculture 2017 Agricultural Growth, Research & Innovation (AGRI) Program’s “Crop Research Grant” to prove the products’ ability to improve the quality and quantity of agricultural products.

Protect Fruit Trees And Sensitive Crops

Anticipated applications of the Blue Sky / Green Earth concepts include spraying a protective layer of the product onto a variety of crops, including fruit trees (e.g. apple, orange, and pear); cranberries; and grapes that in the spring can be in danger of a quick freeze after the plants have already bud. Today, the typical choice is to continuously spray water on the plant, a strategy with limited success that requires a large amount of water. Once the danger of a freeze has passed, the crops can be sprayed with water or allow the rain to remove the protective layer.

These products can also be used to protect plants during transplantation and transportation. The products will prevent dehydration of plant cuttings and roots, reduce temperature shock and eliminate the risk of exposure to disease and spores from other plants.

Preserve Harvested Crops Over Winter

Another application, inspired by brainstorming meetings with AURI and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture is to use the Blue Sky / Green Earth technology in place of “ag bags” for protecting harvested crops during winter, including large round bales of alfalfa or other hay. Instead of covering the crop with an expensive and labor-intensive polypropylene film, the Agricultural Producer will spray a biodegradable layer of “gel” over round bales or other harvested crops and allowed it to freeze. Initial testing shows the product protects the contents from the winter elements and is impervious to attempts by deer to eat through it. If sprayed bales are needed to feed animals, Producers can haul a section of the frozen bale into a barn to defrost. The “ag bag” replacement does not need to be rinsed off before animals ingest the crop.

Extend The Effectiveness Of Fertilizers And Ag Chemicals

A third application for this technology is as a ‘spray adjuvant’ for fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides and fungicides. Since the Blue Sky / Green Earth carrier reduces drift and “sticks and stays” to plants, (greatly reducing runoff), less fertilizer, fungicide, or herbicide is needed to meet the crop’s requirements. The potential benefits to farmers and the environment are significant.

“We strongly believe the new Blue Sky / Green Earth product concepts being developed and tested – led by our in-house R & D team, with valuable support and guidance from AURI, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, and our investment partners – hold great promise,” said James R. Grabek, EarthClean Corporation President. “We will vigorously move forward and will report on our progress as testing unfolds.”

About EarthClean Corporation

EarthClean Corporation of St. Paul, Minnesota, develops innovative, nontoxic, and sustainable products that are designed for a wide range of fire management, agricultural, and other applications where performance and sustainability are paramount. The company’s flagship, corn starch-based TetraKO firefighting water enhancers are more effective than plain water, existing foams, and fire suppressants. The company is dedicated to expanding its product offerings to a wide range of industries through ongoing research and development. Visit for more information.

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