TetraKO technology has been tested by fire departments and fire organizations throughout the U.S. and abroad.

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The results – in controlled and real world applications on working fires – speak for themselves: TetraKO performs as much as 10 times more effectively than plain water.


“Our total time at the fire scene was just two hours and we were able to save that house. I figure we used 30–40 gallons total of TetraKO solution for the initial knockdown on the exterior fire, the garage and the living room wall fire. Once we put the fire out with TetraKO, it stayed out! I’ve used Class A foam for years, and TetraKO definitely knocks down a fire faster.”

—Wayzata Volunteer Fire Department, Minnesota


The Polaris ATV/TetraKO combination is building a reputation with fire departments throughout the region.

“Everyone in the county knows we have the 6x6 with TetraKO,” states Dexter. “It’s really popular with grass fires because of its agility, firepower, and accessibility to remote areas.”

—Andover Volunteer Fire Department, Minnesota


“I’ve been on similar car fires and you wonder if 500 gallons of water is going to carry you from beginning to end. On this fire we used, even with the fuel aspects, a little over a hundred gallons.

This is a tremendous statement of how well the TetraKO extinguished the fire so we could concentrate on the overhaul. TetraKO performed optimally and it certainly made for a better day!

—Doug Nelson, SBM Fire Chief, Spring Lake Park/Blaine/ Mounds View (SBM), Minnesota


“Our small skid unit with TetraKO and 175 gallons of mixed solution was able to contain the one third of the fire’s perimeter we were responsible for. The DNR’s two John Deere units, during the same time, had to return to the water fill point three times each to contain the remaining perimeter.”

—Oakdale Area Fire Association, Wisconsin


“I drove around the perimeter of the fire – I made a circle around the entire fire and used a direct attack on the flames and foliage around its edges. The flames were about 1-2 feet tall. I hit the flames very lightly with TetraKO and it knocked them out, and I mean it knocked out the fire! I hit it and it was out! It smoked a little bit and that was the end.

We used maybe 100 to 150 gallons of TetraKO mixed solution to extinguish the entire fire. And that’s it. We had our 2,000-gallon tanker there, but we never used it. We really didn’t have any mop up, except to hit a couple of cow patties that were smoldering in the middle of the field! 

I wasn’t expecting this quick of a result.

I’ve been a firefighter for 20 years and this went much better than I expected based on my initial observations upon arrival.”

—Reagan Volunteer Fire Department, Falls County, Texas